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Dick Johnson Replica 1980-81 Race Helmet with Display Case

Dick Johnson Replica 1980-81 Race Helmet with Display Case

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Exclusive limited edition of 500 - the first in a series of classic full size replica Dick Johnson Helmets from his motorsport career.

From hitting the Rock in 1980 to his heroic comeback in 1981 - winning DJR's first race on debut in Symmons Plains, and his first Championship and Bathurst 1000 victories - Dick Johnson wore only one helmet...

Experience a piece of motor racing history with this hand-crafted replica of Dick Johnson's iconic race helmet, which he first adorned in 1977 and wore right through to 1982. This is not just any helmet; it tells a story of resilience, determination, and redemption.

The story of Johnson's infamous 1980 Bathurst 1000 campaign began when, with wife Jillie in lockstep, Johnson mortgaged the family home to go motor racing in an ex-Police Ford XD Falcon. The infamous number 17 TRU-BLU Falcon was a rocket ship and leapt from the start line to lead the field, almost putting eventual race winner Peter Brock a lap down in the process. Then in the run up to Reid Park on lap 17, forced to choose between hitting a flatbed truck, on track to retrieve a retired Commodore (as DJ is fond of saying), or an errant Rock, Johnson’s race-winning hopes ended with a cloud of concrete dust and his TRU-BLU Falcon crunched into scrap metal, missing a wheel, with parts scattered all over the track.

With everything on the line, Dick and Jillie's world came crashing down, much more than any damage done to their Falcon.

While the Rock symbolised an abrupt end to his race that day, indeed it was only the start of Johnson's success story. It marked the beginning of his legendary career behind the wheel.

The aftermath unfolded like a heartwarming tale. Lore that stretched beyond the usual bounds of motorsport at that time, something that only the Bathurst 1000 could ever do.

Supporters nationwide, unsolicited yet deeply moved by Johnson's plight, lit up Channel 7 switchboards across the country to generously donate their money to keep his racing dream alive. Edsel Ford II, then marketing manager at Ford Australia, in a leap of faith, pledged to match these donations dollar for dollar, creating a fund that not only saved Johnson's racing career but fuelled his remarkable comeback.

With the support of so many fans and matched by Ford, Johnson made a triumphant return in 1981. He claimed victory in the Australian Touring Car Championship in a thriller finale at Lakeside in Queensland against Brock. Johnson also reached the pinnacle of Australian motorsport by winning the 1981 Bathurst 1000. Through every race, he wore the same helmet – the one that witnessed his worst setback and his greatest comeback.

At the 1981 Bathurst 1000, Johnson also wore a blue open faced helmet in a few on track sessions that he would go on to wear for much of the 1982 season. Although his classic red open faced helmet made him a household name, he still wore it again in 1982, as he secured his second Championship victory!

From Falcon hardtops, to the Rock, to Bathurst glory and back-to-back Championships - this very special helmet is truly one of a kind!

Now, you can own a piece of this legacy. This limited edition replica helmet brings you closer than ever to the world of motor racing legend. It’s not just about the thrill of speed, but the indomitable spirit that pushes us to get up when we are down. Display it, celebrate it - this helmet is a testament to the power of resilience, an homage to Johnson's triumphant journey, and a tribute to the fans whose unwavering support rewrote motor racing history.

Each helmet comes with an individually numbered Certificate of Authenticity signed by the legend himself, Dick Johnson AM, and a beautiful acrylic display case with an engraved plaque that was made in-house by the DJR Machine Shop.


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