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Ford Mustang Dick Johnson Limited Edition by Herrod Performance - Build No. 17/30

Ford Mustang Dick Johnson Limited Edition by Herrod Performance - Build No. 17/30

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Ford Mustang Dick Johnson Limited Edition by Herrod Performance build No. 17/30, with only delivery km on the odometer.

This hot limited-edition Ford Mustang muscle car is the zenith of over a decade of dreaming by the five-times Australian touring car champion “Dick Johnson”, who pushed the launch button in early 2019 after watching Mustangs dominate the Supercars championship upon debut.

The result is a car called the Dick Johnson Limited Edition by Herrod Performance, and was a continuation of his partnership with Rob Herrod. The outcome? A 635kW supercharged Mustang muscle car that’s been modified literally down to the pistons.

The 30 cars produced are either black or white, starting life as a Mustang GT with Magneride suspension. There is a mix of manuals and autos (with this particular example being Manual). Hundreds of special parts are used to convert the cars, from a high-capacity customised Whipple supercharger and carbon-fibre tail-shaft down to the ‘puddle’ lamp under the doors which is switched from a picture of a pony to the Dick Johnson logo. On each cylinder head is an etching of Dick Johnson’s logo, the build number, and VIN. The con-rods also have the logo on the side, while slightly more visible in the engine bay is the graphic engraved into the top of the supercharger. Its sump, oil pump, billet crank, oil cooler, and inter-cooler are also custom, and most of these parts feature the VIN and build number too.

There are 20-inch alloy wheels with 275/35 front and 305/30 rear Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tyres, and special Brembo brakes from the Mustang GT350R with 15.5-inch cross-drilled front rotors with directional and 14.9-inch cross-drilled rear rotors.

Even the service stickers in the engine bay, including a special one for the oil cap, are tailored items. These beautiful Australian muscle cars are then modified by Herrod separately once the donor car has been registered and pre-delivered. Each car has specific engineering sign off for its state of registration.” The cars have a range of visual and performance upgrades to the bodywork, from front ’flicks’ to the carbon-fibre rear wing, with a full-custom leather interior.

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